We continuously encounter a set of frequently asked questions from our valued customers as well as people who wish to affiliate with us. Here is a generalized set of questions and answersto help out whoever is concerned about our strategies and way of working.

What is pharmaaffiliate.com?

We have large provisions for any kind of medical product orders. In short, if a customer looks toward pharmaaffiliate.com to meet their requirement, they will never be disappointed.

What do we offer?

We offer a large set of medicines for any kind of disorders or diseases, this is the only reason people usually look forward to us for the ultimate solution to their problem.All medicines are available either they have some brand name or are available with their generic name. You can read about all the available medicines in the Products section.

How does pharmaaffiliate.com works?

Our working strategy is simple. We have outsourced the department of selling our product to the customers. By outsourcing we mean assigning the responsibility of sales and meeting orders to interested individuals, these individuals are our affiliates and we offer them some really handsome deals to work with us.

What is the eligibility criterion for affiliates?

In order to become our affiliate and share our business, one needs to possess all the necessary marketing skills. A degree or certification in the field of marketing will be considered as plus point, along with the knowledge of medicines and pharmaceuticals.

If I wish to become an affiliate of pharmaaffiliate.com, how can I do so?

If anyone wishes to be a part of our affiliate program, they need to sign up and register on our website.Once done with the registration process, the marketing abilities and skills of the interested person will be tested with the help of an interview with one of our managers. We have hired a whole qualified and experienced group of managers with excellent evaluation abilities. One of those managers will be testing the marketing efficiency of the registered person, and if the person fulfills all the necessary requirements for being our affiliate, they immediately get into the loop.

What is the affiliation fee?

Getting affiliated with pharmaaffiliate.com is absolutely free. We just look for the assets of abilities and marketing capabilities of people who consult us.

What are the perks of being an affiliate of pharmaaffiliate.com?

We offer a huge number of facilities and perks for all of our affiliates. We believe that our affiliates make us, so we never become careless about their requirements. We provide them with all the marketing stuff they need to promote our products. We provide our affiliates with constant support at any time of the day.

How do affiliates operate?

As our business is mainly concerned with online dealings, all of our affiliates have their own website which is provided by us to operate as a powerful online entity. We provide our affiliates with fresh techniques of online promotions and always ready to help them advertise and highlight our products.

How affiliates get paid?

Affiliates get paid when they get us some business. We provide them with RevShare on each sale they make, and that payment is their commission. Mode of payments is always online in which we make use of services like money transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, online transfer or e-payments.

Is the affiliate program of pharmaaffiliate.com open for people worldwide?

Our affiliate program is not currently meant for anyone in the world, we have limited number of countries where we are currently operating and welcome individuals only from those countries. To know if your country is in our list, please make use of the Contact Us section. We are however striving to expand our business worldwide and then will be expecting affiliates round the globe.

What is the payment mode for customers?

Customers can pay us directly with the help of any credit or debit cards. We give the share of affiliates as soon as we get paymentfrom customers.

What main methods of promotion are adopted?

We mainly focus on search engine optimization (SEO) for the online publicity of our products and highly advise our affiliates to focus on these techniques first of all, considering other methods side by side.